will sell Nest, Pixel and Fitbit products

Google announced Thursday that it will open its first retail store. There plans to sell a wide range of products from its hardware division such as Pixel phones, Nest smart speakers, Pixelbooks laptops, and Fitbit wearables. The store, which is expected to open this summer, will be located in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York, just below the offices that the Mountain Viewers have in the most populous city in the United States.

During the last years, Google has experimented with small pop-up stores in different locations. These, unlike traditional Stores, were temporarily set up to offer new devices in the days after their announcement. However, it has always relied on its website, partners, and third-party retailers to deliver its hardware products. Now, the finder company is slowly shifting its focus.

Google says it has chosen the Chelsea neighborhood because many of its more than 11,000 New York employees have worked in the area for the past 20 years. «We view the store as a natural extension of our longstanding commitment to the city«Says the company in a blog post.

Google Store, like an Apple Store, but with Google products

Decoration of an old Google pop-up store in New York

Like an Apple Store, the Google Store will showcase the company’s new products and will allow customers to test before purchasing. In addition, it will provide help and technical support. Of course, the COVID-19 prevention regulations will continue to be present, that is, the use of masks and social distancing.

“We will have experts available to help visitors get the most out of their device, such as troubleshooting a problem, fixing a broken Pixel screen, or helping with installations. It doesn’t matter if you’re a long-time Pixel user, curious about our Nest Displays, or want to take part in one of the hands-on workshops we’ll be offering throughout the year; our team will be able to help you. that’s specific and personalized to your needs. “


At the moment, the company has not specified if it plans to open more stores in the future., although this could happen if the Chelsea Store lives up to expectations. However, it would be an action against the current of what Microsoft is doing. Those in Redmond announced last month that they will close their 83 stores due to increased online sales..

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