Will Miguel Herrera direct the Colombian National Team? .

On some occasion the name of Miguel Herrera sounded to lead a team from South America, to Chile. Now it sounds … For Colombia.

Due to the bad step of the coffee team, which has just been thrashed by Ecuador in the qualifying rounds for the Qatar World Cup, the name of the America coach has begun to gain strength in the circles of that country.

The Raza Deportiva program ensures that the directors of the Colombian Soccer Federation are about to send me an offer to ‘Piojo’ to lead his team instead of the Portuguese Carlos Queiroz.

Colombia occupies sixth place in the classification table for Qatar, with four points, the product of a victory and a draw.

The first place in that classification is held by Brazil, which is marching with a perfect pace of four victories in four games. Argentina follows with ten, Ecuador with nine, Paraguay with six as well as Uruguay and then with four are Chile and the Colombians.

It will be until March 2021 when the qualifiers in South America resume, the next rivals of the Colombian team will be Brazil and Paraguay.

Within the contract clauses of the Piojo are those of being able to listen to offers of some selection. Will Miguel Herrera like coffee?

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