Will Mark Zuckerberg buy the Telegram application? Corrected with

Will Mark Zuckerberg buy the Telegram app? (Pixabay)

Will Mark Zuckerberg buy the Telegram app? | Pixabay

Many people are wondering in recent days if the creator of Facebook has bought the Telegram application and here we will tell you everything, because as you know he is also the owner of the application of WhatsApp.

Surely you have already received a message with that ad and now you wonder if it is true, because the application of Telegram has been on the rise and generated millions of downloads around the world after WhatsApp published its new 2021 policies.

And the main reason is that most do not want to accept the conditions that Facebook imposes on them to continue using its application: that of using your data.

According to WhatsApp, you can only use its platform if you want to share your personal information, as well as your cell phone number, with Facebook to improve its advertising system in companies and in case you do not approve these conditions, you will have to leave the application .

This fact forced that, at the beginning of 2021, thousands downloaded the application developed by the brothers Nikolái and Pável Dúrov.

However, a strong rumor is spreading as to whether the businessman Mark Zuckerberg bought or not Telegram.

This message spreads quickly not only through the WhatsApp application, but also through the British-Emirati application, because now that everyone wants to flee from Facebook and the question is what will happen to our new conversations.

The first thing we have to tell you and that we must finally clarify is that it is totally false, Telegram has not been bought by any company and continues to work with its own servers, without having any contact with WhatsApp.

Also, there is no communication whatsoever on their social networks or on their official website, so this of course is just false rumors.

These types of hoaxes spread quickly in messaging applications, since, in the message, they also mention that you must forward the text to several people so that their conversations do not endanger.

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While WhatsApp has lost a large number of users, many like to use Telegram not because they feel safe talking with another person, but also because they can get new functions that are not yet in the Facebook application.

And it is necessary to remember that Telegram used its social network to be able to mock WhatsApp and incite several users to move to its messaging platform.

So don’t pay attention to the information that appears on social networks and rest assured that Telegram has not been sold.

It is worth mentioning that Eset stated that Telegram, for example, the encryption of conversations does not come by default in all conversations, but only in those that the user decides to do so, so that your conversations may not be protected in the beginning and anyone can see it.

On the other hand, it is important to note that for the moment Telegram You do not have the option to obtain the beta of your application on smartphones and Android like WhatsApp, so it is possible that, given its rise in popularity, it arrives and any user can subscribe.

As we mentioned earlier, unfortunately the WhatsApp application has lost thousands of users after it announced major changes to its privacy policies in 2021.

And this is how many users of the application have begun to look for alternatives such as Signal or Telegram, which are less intrusive with respect to the information they take from your account.

In addition, many have begun to delete their accounts or want to do so, however, they do not know how, so if you want to permanently delete your WhatsApp account, you just have to follow a few simple steps to leave no trace in the communication application.

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