Will Marcela Basteri be a fashion brand? Luis Miguel businessman?

Will Marcela Basteri be a fashion brand? Luis Miguel businessman? (Instagram)

Will Marcela Basteri be a fashion brand? Luis Miguel businessman? | Instagram

In recent days, the name of Luis Miguel as well as everything related to his life has occupied the most relevant news, the propitious moment in which today it has been announced that the name of Marcela basteri it will become a fashion brand.

Apparently, far from what you might think, it is not Luis Miguel who has decided to go into business under the name of his mother, Marcela Basteri, but rather his brother, Alexander Basteri, who in turn seeks to pay a special tribute to his mother and announced the new fashion brand that he will promote.

He is the brother of “Luismi“, better known as”Picha“who starts 2021 with a special launch, the” Basteri “brand, which could be on all sideboards.

Marcela Basteri, the Italian woman who married Luis Rey, with whom she procreated Luis Miguel, Alejandro and Sergio, would be 35 years old in 2021, so her son, Alejandro Basteri, together with other investors, created the stamp inspired by her surname which will launch collections inspired by men and women.

According to the details revealed last Wednesday, January 20, in the evening broadcast of “Ventaneando” where they also referred to the strong connection that Marcela had with fashion since she was a good seamstress and she was even the one who sewed Luis Miguel’s outfits in his early career years.

Even some of the little known details about the mother of the “Sun” is that one of her dreams was to be a fashion designer, something that unfortunately could never come true, although in her son she was able to develop the skills she had to make garments, according to the singer’s bioseries.

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It should be remembered that Luis Miguel’s first appearance was in 1980, when his voice debuted at the wedding of the daughter of the former president of Mexico, José López Portillo.

Will Luis Miguel be a partner?

According to the details that have been released, the singer Luis Miguel will not be part of this project, it is Alejandro who will be in charge of one hundred percent of each design that is made, it is expected that the next brand will be available in all stores departments in the second quarter of the year, as detailed by the program.

Even the line has already begun to express its presence on social networks and the internet, it is through the Instagram account “Basteri Official” and “Basteri Couture” the niche that will house the first collections of the new line inspired by women who give life to “Sol de México”, one of the most recognized singers in the country, as well as his two sons, Alejandro, who has stood out as an important businessman.

It is worth mentioning that until now, the accounts have not been created for a long time, so only for today they have few followers, around 69 and 60 users who already follow them.

Likewise, there is also the internet page which has not yet been activated, only the logo design they have created for the new line can be seen, which consists of a B with a mirror effect simulating the wings of a butterfly

Undoubtedly, although today the mother of the Gallego Basteri was always present in their lives, she has also been the target of a strong controversy after her mysterious disappearance. One of the many enigmas in the life of the interpreter of “Under the table”.

Marcela disappeared in August 1986, when she and her son were immortalized in an image that shows her moments before boarding a plane bound for Spain. Since then, all clues about his whereabouts have been lost.

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Apparently, the bioseries of the artist launched by Netflix, Luis Miguel: La Serie, has left several expectations, one of the most important, that finally deciphers the true mystery about what led to the disappearance of the Italian woman who today would be 74 years old .