Will it be like this ?, Mhoni Vidente reveals what the world will be like in 2050

Will it be like this ?, Mhoni Vidente reveals what the world will be like in 2050 | Instagram

Year 2050!, it seems very far away; However, it is only 29 years old, our children and grandchildren could be living it and their world It will be very different from us, according to the famous Mhoni Seer. The Cuban has shared her vision of the world in that year and Badabun has shared it.

In social networks you can find the video in which the successful Mhoni Vidente talks about 2050, begins by talking about Mexico, the fortune teller assures that she hears a language that she does not understand, something new, a mixture between Spanish and English, but there are more surprises , the southern United States and northern Mexico would unite in a new country.

Something more disconcerting in the vision of someone who gained enormous fame thanks to television programs such as Sabadazzo and the Hoy Program confessed that he saw that human beings no longer believed in marriage and that they only had programmed children.

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Another feature that draws the attention of many is that Mhoni Seer ensures that money disappears, human beings acquire goods and services through a chip, which works to control other areas such as health and is implanted in babies from birth.

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The star of social networks added that cell phones no longer exist as such, the man will talk with others in a mental way and will not even say a word to communicate. The Earth will also change, after tsunamis and others, some countries will disappear and new islands will be born.

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Mhoni also spoke about the Sun, assured that its rays will be stronger than ever, but also considered important a concentration of power, different religious leaders and others will unite to dominate the human being.

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Mhoni Vidente assures that all this will happen after a very intense war, but it will serve for man to transcend and all this to change. Is everything that the famous seer has seen true?

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