will integrate the Storytel catalog to listen to music, podcasts and audiobooks in a single app

A few years ago, Spotify was a streaming music platform. That description now falls short, the service has bet everything on podcasts in the last year with acquisitions, exclusives and promotions. Now goes for another audio market, that of audiobooks.

Audiobooks, like podcasts, have gained enormous popularity in recent years as people seek to be informed and entertained in the background while performing other tasks such as driving or exercising. Audiobook platforms have also become popular, with Amazon’s Audible being the most important. Another one that is gaining more and more followers (including in Spain) is Storytel.

Music, podcasts and audiobooks in a single app

As Spotify has announced, at the end of this year they will implement the partnership they have reached with Storytel. It will allow Spotify users to link their Storytel accounts to access the catalog of audiobooks and listen to them directly in the Spotify app.

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Storytel’s catalog includes more than 500,000 audiobooks in different languages, including Spanish. All of them will be available on Spotify, although a Storytel account will be required to access them. From Storytel they indicate that with this they offer better opportunities to existing users and the possibility of winning new users who discover them thanks to Spotify.

This is possible thanks to a new access platform in Spotify. This platform allows content creators to offer their content on Spotify. Offer your content without losing control over said content or the relationship with subscribers. Meanwhile, Spotify wins to be present in the activity of listening to audio online, whatever the type of content.

"Our goal is to become the world's largest audio consumer empire".  Interview with Federica Tremolada, from Spotify

“The objective of Spotify is to be the singular platform for all the audio: music, podcasts, live conversations and now through this association, audiobooks”, has indicated a person in charge of Spotify. They say that as the access platform opens up more, users will find more and more audio content within Spotify.

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