Do not confuse yourselves with the title of WILL HOGE’s latest work, TINY LITTLE MOVIES, because you have little of those short films of faded colors or gray taken with those tomavistas that served as small documentaries of familiar celebrations. More than those friendly shorts brimming with happiness, what Will Hoge leaves us now are documentary shorts that throw uppercuts to the jaw filled with close-ups of an old boxing match.

After “My American Dream”, an album that exuded an impressive bad slobber in front of the surrounding society, Will with “Tiny Little Movies” used to hit an aggressive soundtrack more than the literary aspect. Will returns to tell his love, highway and relationship stories, rather than rant like in American Dream, but those stories always keep the magic of the great social storyteller that is Hoge (Midway Motel).

Will Hoge has always been branded as one of those Springsteen heirs (with good reason everything is said), and yet in this “Tiny Little Movies” this work could be branded as his particular “Echo” thanks to themes of rock stadium with sixties influence and riffs coming from the strings of the Heartbreakers like «Thats How You Lose Her», «Maybe This Is Ok» or «The Curse», more than leaning on chants to that of New Jersey that only It is noticeably appreciated in the country “Even the River Runs Out of This Town”. What’s more, Will chooses punk rock, or wild-hitting rock in the Social Distortion style, or from fierce Adams or Malin (The Overthrow, who has the help of David Axelrod or Con Man Blues), whose epic melodramatic intensity is so characteristic of Boss to shape his small sound recordings.

And within all this set of great moments, two jewels stand out, two unforgettable moments, two scenes that will never stop being reproduced, one is “My Worst”, an outstanding monument to evangelico blues soul for a heartbreaking song of forgiveness, with the vocals by Kendra Chantelle and Hollie Hammel and some really sublime guitars by Dan Baird; the second is “All The Pretty Horses”, one of those impressive country ballads that Hoge leaves at the end of his work with the imprint of the pillbox on his voice.

WILL HOGE on this occasion has chosen to record his small films betting largely on electric energy with a regal American flavor with results that will knock you out until you take your heart.



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