Will Henry Blanco go to the New York Yankees to improve Gary Sánchez’s defense? – Major League Baseball

We are going to check if it is possible that the former Venezuelan big league catcher Henry White join the Yankees from New York to to get better the defending from Gary Sanchez on the MLB.

In the Spring Traning of 2021, the Venezuelan mask Robinson Chirinos was hired, to strengthen the catching position that until now belongs to the Dominican Gary Sánchez.

Robinson’s injury once again left the team a little orphaned in that position and although they are waiting for the Venezuelan to improve his wrist, that could take about a month, a period in which the Mules aspired to alternate or distribute the workload between Sánchez and Chirinos.

Gary started the season with two homers at Yankee Stadium, showing that there is power, but the questions with his defense continue and the Mules should take action on the matter.

Henry Blanco to the Yankees to improve Gary Sanchez’s defense?

The former manager of the Bravos de Margarita in the LVBP, has been one of the best Venezuelan receivers of all time, both in the MLB how in the LVBP with his beloved Leones del Caracas and Bravos de Margarita.

Recently the Margarita group decided not to renew with Henry as his manager and is among the candidates to direct the Licey Tigres, but there is nothing in concrete and he is currently unemployed (linked to the MLB or Asian ball or LMB).

The Yankees what they should do is find that Gary improve his defense, because with it more his batting, could be one of the great historical receivers MLB and with the Mules, I tell them a story.

With White the exact opposite happened to GaryWith the bat he did not stand out but defensively he was a barbarian and the teams always looked for him as a backup to the starting catcher or he was the fixed horse of the position.

Henry was the catcher for Johan Santana when he won his first AL Cy Young Award with the Twins in 2004 and every time the award-winning pitcher was interviewed he would always say: That award is also from Henry.

He also received pitchers such as Greg Maddux, Francisco Rodríguez, Carlos Zambrano, Juan Rincón, Carlos Mármol, RA Dickey, Félix Hernández, among others.

As a bullpen coach White He was champion in 2016 with the Cubs and in 2019 with the Nationals.

His ability to block pitches and get outs on the rubber was simply spectacular.

In his career as a receiver in the MLB, In 914 games, he had a fielding percentage of .992 and his percentage of running backs thrown out in attempted steal was 43%.

He was very efficient managing the pitching of the pitchers and that caused them to always look for him.

That is why the inclusion of White in the Yankees for Gary’s defense to work, to see where his fault may be.

I cannot say that I came to the team as a bullpen coach or take someone else’s job, but rather a kind of instructor that Jorge Posada did at the Spring Training in 2013 with the Yankees.

The contractual figure in which it would enter Henry the team would be the least of it, as long as he polishes the talent of the Dominican mask and it is possible that he will achieve another little ring as a technician in the majors, with Gary probably in the process of establishing himself as a great offensive and defensive receiver as well.