Will ‘GTA Online’ have a new island? Everything indicates yes

If you are part of the still large community of GTA Online, surely you have heard the rumors about the possible incorporation of a new island to the map of Los Santos. At the beginning of November, in fact, the Rockstar Mag portal reported that, according to sources close to Rockstar Games’ plans, it is a fact that a new area will be added to the multiplayer side in the coming months. Today, however, it was Rockstar herself who shared the most clues.

Via Twitter, the study published a short teaser which anticipates a new expansion for GTA Online. At first it might seem that it has nothing interesting, but everything changes if you look closely. In advance you can see some places that are currently not present in San Andreas. And if you pause the video in second 02, a new island can be seen in one of the boxes on the right.

Also, the teaser mentions the words several times “The blond”, which could well be the name of the island or of some important character that will accompany the DLC. In the second 05 you will see a man lying on the beach of Los Santos named “John Doe”, which in the United States is commonly used to refer to someone unknown. The funny thing is that several players have already seen this character on various beaches on the map:

GTA Online prepares for the next-gen

At the moment, yes, we do not know when Rockstar Games will offer more information about it. The company had already made it clear that GTA Online will continue to receive content on the next generation of consoles, but without abandoning the large number of players who enjoy it on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If the new island is confirmed, we will surely be facing the most complete and important expansion that the game has received since its launch in 2013.

It is also known that during the second half of 2021 they will release a standalone version of GTA Online, which will be free and exclusive on the PlayStation 5 in the first three months. This release will offer visual enhancements to take advantage of the technical potential of the next-gen.