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Batman has been on everyone’s lips for the fact that his mouth was not in a certain place on Catwoman’s body. In the series of Harley quinn From HBO Max there was a scene where Batman gave Catwoman oral sex. Something completely normal and that should not make anyone blink. It made Warner executives blink. They strongly opposed the idea under the pretext that it was going to sell fewer toys.

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It should not surprise absolutely any soul in this world that the whole thing sparked a controversy on social networks. Many people did not find that moralistic attitude of the study. In the comics we’ve seen the Dark Knight do all kinds of things and that hasn’t stopped him from selling toys. The controversy grew so large that several celebrities had to say something about it. Now someone unexpected joined this conversation: Will Ferrell.

During the last chapter of Conan Will ferrell He made no appearance, at least not in person. It was said that the reason is that he is shooting a movie in Baltimore. The driver started joking that it was a secret project. The famous actor could not join the joke and said something unexpected. He said he was shooting a Batman movie with everything and the Dark Knight giving explicit oral sex. These were his exact words:

It’s Batman. I’m filming Batman. And guess what? In this version Batman gives an oral. It is graphic. Completely head-on. Batman like you’ve never seen him before!

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Admittedly, more than one of us would pay to see a comic Batman movie starring Ferrell, although it is not entirely necessary that there be explicit orals. In any case, it is very likely that none of us will live long enough to see that, the actor included.

On the other hand, this all started because the producer of Harley quinn from HBO Max, Justin halpern, wanted the character to give Catwoman oral sex in an episode of the third season. Unfortunately, the study strongly opposed the idea because they said that it would prevent them from selling toys of the character:

It is incredibly rewarding and liberating to be able to use characters that are considered villains because you have so many more possibilities. A perfect example of this is that in the third season of Harley, we had a moment when Batman gave Catwoman oral sex. And DC said ‘you can’t do that, you absolutely can’t do that’. They said ‘heroes don’t do that’. We asked them ‘Are you saying that heroes are selfish lovers?’ They didn’t answer: ‘no, it’s because we sell hero toys, it’s hard to sell a toy if Batman also gives someone oral sex.’

The reality is that this justification did not convince absolutely anyone. If that were true, they wouldn’t include him in an adult cartoon in the first place.

Changing the subject, not long ago Danny Elfman revealed the reason he is not fond of his Batman soundtrack – 72%:

He was terribly unhappy with the Batman version. They did it in the old school where you do the composition and hand it over to the “professionals” who move things around and assemble it. And the assembly was really shaky in those years. We recorded on three channels of audio: right, center and left, and basically they took the channel out of the center completely. He was not careful. I’ve had a lot of soundtracks playing great action scenes that really enhance the scene. And at the end of Batman, I realized that I could have the orchestra play anything. I was able to score the tape with some percussion, a harmonica, and a banjo because all you hear is some percussion hitting at the important moments, but you can’t really hear what the orchestra is doing.

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