Will Christian Nodal be a father with Belinda? Of a girl!”

Will Christian Nodal be a father with Belinda? Of a girl!” | Instagram

The singer Christian Nodal revealed to his fans about his plans to soon become a father with the pop singer, Belinda, the interpreter revealed that it could be a girl and also announced when her date of birth could be.

In the middle of the compromise between Christian nodal and Belinda, the rumors do not stop, however, it was now that the “sonorense” addressed the strong controversy about the alleged pregnancy of his future wife.

The interpreter of songs such as “Goodbye Love”, “Of the kisses that I gave you”, “Bottle after bottle”, etc., denied the latest versions that have circulated about the possible “pregnancy” of the Spanish artist, the “regional musician“He revealed that he is not ready to be a father yet, however, he does not completely rule out the idea and shared a possible date by which they would welcome the new member.

The native of Caborca, Sonora, Christian Jesús González Nodal, revealed that Belinda could please him within two years and hopes that she could get pregnant within two years, likewise, he revealed that he hopes she will be a girl since it has always been one of her dreams, she shared .

Since I was 11, I have dreamed that at 24 I would already have my little girl. I have dreamed a lot about a girl. If God, life, Beli (28 years old), everything is at stake, God first at 24, declared in an interview for the program “El gordo y la flaca”.

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On May 25, the couple announced the news of their engagement, the couple would have starred in a romantic moment from Spain, from where the details about the expensive request they received from the La Voz coach were revealed.

Christián Jesús González Nodal asked the “pop star” to marry him with a ring valued at more than three million dollars (60 million pesos), in the same way, Nodal spared no expense and even a video showed a path covered in petals of roses.

So far, it is unknown when the date on which the couple could finally be married could be, which has awakened various theories about the possible details of this long-awaited link from the wedding dress that the actress and singer could wear to the place where the big event could be.

On the other hand, it was in recent days that the Welcome to Eden actress was the target of rumors after a video in her Instagram stories showed the singer buying a pair of earrings in a well-known jewelry store,

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At that time, “Beli” wore a loose pink shirt so her slender figure failed to stand out, however, it was at a time when the singer brought her hand to her belly “as pregnant women sometimes do” which sparked the multiple comments that said that she was possibly already expecting a baby.

It is not the first time that the couple has dealt with these comments, since several weeks ago, the so-called Mhoni Vidente, hinted that the singer, model, actress and businesswoman could already be a few weeks pregnant or about to be, he commented .

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The famous Cuban seer also revealed that the Mexican artist born in Madrid could become the mother of a child and predicted a beautiful family and many projects at the door.

I visualize that Belinda is pregnant, if not. You have five minutes! … She is already three months pregnant and is going to be a boy.

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