Will Chris Hemsworth participate in the ‘Gladiator’ sequel with Russell Crowe?

Chris Hemsworth is currently in Australia immersed in the filming of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, the fourth installment dedicated to his flagship character, a country in which Russell Crowe was also recently seen. The actor who played Máximo Décimo Meridio in the successful 2000 film ‘Gladiator’, a role that among other things won him an Oscar, will also be part of the luxurious cast of Taika Waititi’s film. But the presence of the two interpreters on the island has now given rise to another type of rumor, in this case the one that speaks of the interest that Hemsworth himself would have in producing the possible sequel to ‘Gladiator’.

These speculations were born when the two were seen together in Sydney. According to New Idea magazine, the actor who plays Thor would love to work alongside Crowe as his son in Ancient Rome: “Hemsworth’s wife, Elsa Pataky, has often joked that they could easily pass for father and son. , and Russell believes that he could be the only man who credibly played his son in a sequel to ‘Gladiator’, “said a source from the same outlet. Keep in mind that the main stumbling block when it comes to making a continuation is that Crowe’s character died at the end of the film, which would force them to have to tell the story with a different character.

And that’s where Máximo’s secret son would appear, in this case it would be Lucio, son of the character played by Connie Nielsen in the original film, Lucilla. In this case, Chris Hemsworth would play Lucio, which could be a possible ruse to justify the sequel to the story after two decades of the premiere of ‘Gladiator’. But this is all speculation for speculation since none of it has even been suggested.

Ridley Scott and the producer want to make it

Last year, ‘Gladiator’ producer Doug Wick, who won the Academy Award for Best Picture thanks to her, confirmed that this interest was real. Wick spoke to ComicBook about the film’s director, Ridley Scott’s illusion to make a sequel, which would be done only in case of doing justice to the original film: “Director Ridley Scott would love to do it. Everyone loves the movie too much to consider exploiting it cheaply and making something that is a shadow of it.. It’s really a clear creative problem, working on a script, and if we can ever get somewhere … Ridley is working on it, it’s really a question of whether we can get to a place where he feels worth doing. It is a real challenge, “he said.