Will Chinese manufacturers reach the European market? For more than a decade, the ‘new yellow danger’ has been talked about, the third wave of brands from the Far East ready to invade the European market, as the Japanese did first and the Korean later.

But will we see it someday? Although it is true that electric cars are a great opportunity for them and that the quality of their products has improved significantly, it is legitimate to have some doubts about the success of their endeavor in the short term, even medium.

The Chinese market data for April is eloquent. On the one hand, it brings us a hopeful message for Europe. The recovery of the market has been remarkable, almost total, after the impact of COVID-19. April 2020 sales were only 3.9% lower than a year ago and that is an important fact.

But when you look at the sales charts there are surprises. The six best-selling models in the market correspond to non-Chinese gears, although in some cases it is with exclusive models for the Chinese market and neighboring countries; Among the ‘top 10’ there are only two local running models. And the three best-selling brands are also foreign, which are manufactured in China associated with a local producer, as the country’s legislation marks; Among the “top 10” brands there are only three Chinese.

It is true, local brands may have a highly diversified and fragmented production, while Japanese, European or Korean brands have a more concentrated offer, but in any case it is a fact to be taken into account. And also that in some cases these large Chinese groups own European brands, such as Volvo and Polestar, owned by Geely.

By groups, VW is king. It represents almost 20% of the local market, just over 280,000 units, in a market that in April slightly exceeded 1.5 million units. And the VW brand takes the lion’s share, with more than 203,000 units sold. Only Geely, among the locals, is among the five most important groups, occupies 4th place and the bulk of its production is concentrated on a single model. There are only three Chinese groups among the “top 10”.


Nissan Sylphy (41784) Volkswagen Lavida (35593) Toyota Corolla (31285) Buick Excelle GT (30643) Volkswagen Bora (25095) Honda Civic (24556) Haval H6 (24018) Honda CR-V (21333 ) Geely Emgrand (20945) Toyota Levin (20252) Volkswagen Sagitar (20231) Changan CS75 (20113) Honda Accord (18912) Geely Boyue (18683) Wuling Hongguang (18347) Volkswagen Passat (16942) Toyota RAV4 (16871) Volkswagen Tiguan L (15988) Honda XR-V (15480) Toyota Camry (15459)


Volkswagen (203246) Honda (143626) Toyota (134378) Geely (95144) Nissan (83172) Buick (69528) Haval (57098) BMW (55884) Audi (55626) Changan (54814)


VW Group (281,732) General Motos (152,051) Honda (144,792) Toyota (134,984) Geely (117,981) Nissan / Renault (92,522) Chagan (68,327) Great Wall (65,099) Hyundai / Kia (57,778) BMW (55,884)

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