will arrive in a year according to a report

hardware has not been the great asset of Facebook in any moment. They tried it with a first smartphone and then we have seen small entries with devices like Portal for example. Now the company seems to be preparing to launch a new device: a smart watch, that will also allow to disassemble the screen with the cameras to take photos easily.

As reported by The Verge, Facebook wants put on sale this smartwatch in the window of the summer of 2022. Without a specific date, we do know some of the characteristics that it could bring if it finally succeeds.

Fully integrated into the Facebook ecosystem

The final idea of ​​this product is that it is a complement to the great ecosystem of services that Facebook has built for years. It is not surprising, therefore, that it is designed taking into account characteristics specific to Facebook services.

For example, while current smart watches have not focused on photography due to the miniaturization of the device … Facebook’s will have two cameras. Two cameras with which to make video calls and take pictures that later upload to Facebook or Instagram. In fact, lThe two cameras built into the frame can be detached next to the screen to take pictures more comfortably.


The watch is also expected to have basic features of a smartwatch such as motion and sleep sensors. Although that yes, it could put back some possible users, due to the idea of ​​sharing health data with the Facebook ecosystem. Finally, it is expected to come with LTE connectivity and you do not have to rely on a phone practically, but work directly with Facebook and its cloud services.

One of the big problems that Facebook currently has is finding itself with its “hands tied” when it comes to reaching users. It depends almost entirely on Apple and Google, which are the ones that dominate the technology market by putting intermediary operating systems. If one of them decides to change the rules, Facebook can do practically nothing, in fact it has happened recently.

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At the moment, however, they are only rumors and there is nothing official on the part of Facebook. This watch may see the light one day or it may be forgotten. Of course, considering that Facebook has already invested about a billion dollars in the watch According to the report, it is difficult to think that they will abandon the project.

Via | The Verge

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