With the new outbreaks that have reached alarming figures in the United States, leagues such as the NBA and MLB They are shaken again in their attempts to reactivate and start.

Every day more basketball players and baseball players who decide not to participate with their teams join, for fear of catching Covid-19.

Yes, with those words, fear of catching a virus with which, although it is true, and so the specialists say, it will be necessary to learn to live, it does not stop generating panic in some people who do not want to take risks, no matter what they have to pause in their careers, as is the case with sports.

In mid-June, Kyrie Irving of the Brooklyn Nets opposed the NBA’s plan to end the season in the bubble he created at the Disney facility in Orlando, Florida.

He made it public and even revealed that he had a chat in which together with other players they planned a boycott so as not to return to the staves. A very hard blow to the return of the NBA.

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This generated division, now between those who feel this fear of being infected by more security measures than there are and those who criticize that Irving, as vice president of the Players Association, will vote in favor of playing again. Because they don’t understand their actions.

Negotiation with the hierarchs? Maybe. After this, more players who do not want to go to Orlando were uncovered.

Trevor Ariza of Portland; Davis Bertans of Washington; Avery Bradley of the Lakers; Willie Cauley-Stein of Dallas; Wilson Chandler, also of the Nets, have announced they will not play. The League has said that it cannot compel them.

In the case of Big leaguesThe first player to refuse to play was pitcher Mike Leake of Arizona, who has been joined by Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross of the Washington Nationals champions.

In the MLS, who will also play a mini tournament in Orlando, there were footballers who made a mistake of not attending, but in the end they gave in. All this, while there were new cases of positives in players in these three leagues in the new outbreak that has attacked the United States. Another negotiation with the high command ?, can be.

Are these athletes exaggerating by not going to do their job? This pandemic has caused human beings to react in different ways, it would be foolish to make a judgment of what these men have put as a priority, their health and that of their family, also risking their careers.

In Mexico, and specifically in soccer, we are nowhere to start with the preseason tournament that will have eight teams from Liga MX, of which, institutions such as Cruz Azul and Toluca have added nearly 40 positive cases, and others more suspicious.

Will there be any player who decides not to participate in this cup or in the league tournament for fear of getting it? Individual decision, it is clear, since the Association of Footballers on these issues is not listed.

And it would not be a matter of being a rebel or going against the system but of a decision of our own in the face of the risk that we all live in whatever we perform.

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