The presence of the felines was motivated by the tranquility that the capital of Chile lives before the curfew imposed by the coronavirus

By: Web Writing

A wild cougar was seen last Tuesday walking through the streets of Santiago de Chile, which are deserted before the quarantine for him coronavirus.

It is thought that the animal, a male specimen, approximately 35 kilos, adult, had descended from the hill, motivated by the unusual tranquility that reigns in the Chilean capital.

It was around 06:00 local time when social networks reported the presence of the Cougar in the Providencia commune; hours later, after a search operation, authorities managed to capture the animal.

“Most likely that is (the quarantine), because they do not see people, they do not feel annoying noises and they decide to explore, “said Alejandra Montalba, director of the Metropolitan Zoo, where the animal is sheltered and checked.

To everyone’s surprise, 24 hours after the first sighting, the networks again reported the presence of another feline in a nearby sector during Wednesday night, which has caused concern to Chileans.

Since last Sunday, Chile it lives a series of measures of containment before the epidemic; There is a curfew across the country from 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

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