The man suffered fractures and some other injuries, so he had to be transferred to a hospital.

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Kenya.- Recently a video was broadcast on social networks where a man can be seen falling from a building, after he tried to run away from a wild baboon, Which had escaped from its habitat.

This recording was published on July 7, which shows the events that occurred in the town of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, But that in a few days they went around the world.

This event began when the young man, identified as Dickson Maina, Climbed up the balcony of a building to get to the roof, where there was an adult baboon, which was a fugitive.

Also, in the video it is possible to see that at the other end of the building Another man is found, so perhaps the animal was cornered and began to get upset, because the individual also threw an object at him.

After this action, the primate jumped towards Maina, who had already managed to reach the roof of the building four-story; seeing the action of the animal, the man fell into the void.

Dickson Maina he fell to the ground on a fence made of metal sheets; the strong impact caused him to suffer a fracture in the part of his arm, in addition to deep cuts in his thumbs, as well as in the area of ​​his cheek.

After the drop, the man managed to stand up to leave the vacant lot where he had fallen. The event was reported by local media, to which Dickson mentioned that he had gone up because he heard the noise of the neighbors and, when he approached, the animal tried to bite him.