As the coronavirus situation worldwide is not improving, some television shows have had to find creative ways to continue and bring a little joy to those people who are currently at home. One of them is the show of Jimmy Kimmel, who has decided to broadcast from home and inviting a lot of artists or musicians to share a moment with them and now it’s up to the good Jeff Tweedy.

Definitely one of the most anticipated segments of the American presenter program is live music performancesWell, for this they put a huge stage on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles so that many people can experience it. However, and with all the measures to combat COVID-19 It is practically impossible to do them right now, but you can always find a way for these concerts to take place.

Photo: Liliana Estrada

Before the coronavirus became a pandemic, Wilco was slated to play on the Kimmel show, so to Jeff Tweedy came up with a better idea so as not to waste that space and bring a bit of joy to his fans who were waiting for that presentation, play from home, as he has done for a few days and every night from his Instagram account.

Tweedy grabbed his guitar and played some grooves live and online from his bathroom, jiar jiar. Nevertheless The most special moment was when he was joined by his two sons, Spencer and Sammy, who accompanied his father to sing “Evergreen” from his most recent solo album, WARMER, a song that seems ideal to calm anxiety in the midst of the pandemic with which the world is fighting.

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The curious thing here is that despite the fact that their offspring participated in this album, Spencer played drums and Sammy did the cover photo, but for this interpretation Tweedy preferred that both accompany him in the choirs to put together some very interesting vocal harmonies and that they were completely coupled to his father’s voice and melody.

With all the coronavirus situation, Wilco had to cancel the spring tour that he had scheduled for the United States, but fortunately around here gave us a chance to see the legendary band in Mexico for the first time, giving a real nostalgic tour of their entire discography at the Metropolitan Theater in the Chilean capital. A dream come true for many fans who had been asking for a concert by Tweedy and company for years.

Without more to say, Check out Jeff Tweedy and his kids playing “from the tub for Jimmy Kimmel” below: