Wiggle it tight! Ana Cheri shows off her figure dancing

Wiggle it tight!  Ana Cheri shows off her figure dancing (Instagram)

Wiggle it tight! Ana Cheri shows off her figure dancing | Instagram

The best way to attract the attention of Internet users does it Ana Cheri, her creativity has no limits, this time it was thanks to a video she shared on Instagram, where she was showing some tight outfits while shaking her hips.

The world of entertainment can sometimes be a bit complicated due to the fact that there is a lot of competition, content, Models, businessmen and others, therefore those who manage to get ahead in social networks are appreciated by Internet users because not everyone manages to stand out and continue to grow in the medium.

Such is the case of Ana Cheri that, although she has been in social networks for a relatively short time, she quickly began to have followers who are always aware of everything she shares on social networks, especially on Instagram.

There is no doubt that within the guild of models and stars of social networks Ana Cheri It is the spoiled one, this thanks to the fact that its content is constant, daring and on some occasions it is also educational, because thanks to her physical activities the beautiful brown-eyed model sometimes publishes some snacks that her fitness followers as well that they can consume and has even taken on the task of publishing their recipes.

Ana Cheri is not only a simple model, she also has a lot to do with the other activities she does all over the Internet and that is the wife of Ben Moreland (recognized for being also a famous fitness coach); besides being a model Ana Cheri She is also a businesswoman, youtuber and influencer.

Although in their respective accounts they do not have the millions of followers that other personalities have, little by little Ana Cheri has been working on it and she has made an effort to offer interesting content, at least on her YouTube account, she has also delighted us with some advice about beauty, food, exercise and even about clothing.

However the activities of Ana Cheri They are mostly overshadowed by herself and her content on Instagram, where she delights the pupil with each of her posts, whether she’s wearing a daring bathing suit, tight clothing, negligee, or just tiny outfits that enhance her curves.

The same happened with her most recent publication in which she appears showing her curves with three different outfits that happen to be from her own clothing line.

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The American model and businesswoman appears first wearing a gray two-piece suit, wearing a top that has some ribbons that cross on the back and pants, in a second she is wearing what appears to be a sweatshirt with the same outfit.

For the second outfit we saw her the same with two pieces but in black, the top this time had a front closure with a slightly high neck, for the third outfit she opted for a white animal print, the top was a little shorter , on the back it looked like the gray model.

He asked his followers which of the three outfits they liked the most, responses that we see in 536 comments.

You are a ray of sunshine, a blessing “,” How cute and beautiful you are, I like you a lot princess “,” I’ll try to comment again, but I never like it hahaha. You look absolutely beautiful, “commented some fans.

Ana Cheri tends to promote her products herself as other celebrities such as Kim Kardashia and Kylie Jenner usually do, in one way or another they must take advantage of their popularity.

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