Wife demands release of commander detained for alleged ties to drug trafficking

MEXICO CITY.- After the arrest of the Valle de Bravo Public Security Commander, José Luis “N”, his wife Janeth, denied that he had ties to any organized crime group and defended his career as a policeman, and also demanded his release.

He has taken more than 20 years of service and he had never had a situation like this, that is why today I am surprised, I am surprised that they say that he had ties with the Michoacan Family, ”said Janet, wife of the detained commander.

At the gates of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) and by the hand of her children, she assured that they lead a modest life and without luxuries, and to have an extra income they complement the salary of her husband working in the field .

I really want the attorney general to listen to me so that he allows me to speak with him and that he knows and goes to my house, moves to the place where I live, knows more deficiencies that we also have and knows that we work in the field, we are not people who we live in luxury and we are not people who live off organized crime as today it is being branded ”, said Janeth, wife of a detained commander

She acknowledged that years ago she was threatened, but she always rejected any link with drug trafficking, which is why she said she was surprised. He added that he knew that on June 18 he would have been arrested, but until June 20 he called him to tell him and ask him to find a lawyer.

He left his home on Sunday, from our house where we live in the municipality of Jilotepec, and I found out until Sunday that he was detained … I found out that in the morning he received a phone call from the Valle prosecutor from Bravo to where he was summoned at one in the afternoon to have an appearance and when he arrived they took him away, he did not even go to any appearance, “he said.

He described the detention as an injustice and assured that his father was taken from two children, who have been damaged by the act.

My four-year-old son tells me I want to be a policeman, why son, because I want to kill the ministerials who took my father away, you believe that a four-year-old mind can … you are sowing that in my son, my children need it And it doesn’t matter that I stay here all day and spend it here, but I want the prosecutor to receive me, ”added the woman.

The authorities reported the arrest for the probable participation in crimes against the proper functioning of public security institutions with the hypothesis of providing information on activities and operations and the aggravating circumstance of being committed by public security servants.

He is being held in the Otumba Penitentiary Center, where several alleged members and leaders of the Familia Michoacana are imprisoned.

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