Placing your hand on the gear stick is a bad habit that could harm your car without even suspecting it

One of the basic rules when driving a manual transmission is that, after changing gears, the right hand should always return to the wheel. We should not hold the gear lever, or leave your dead hand on the knob for two simple reasons: security and to maintain the mechanical integrity of the car.

We know that sometimes it is necessary to move one hand from the steering wheel, perhaps to adjust the climate control, or the entertainment system if we do not have a multifunction steering wheel or satellite controls, for example, however, we must always be alert and prepared for any incident and To perform any maneuver safely and accurately, that is why we must always keep both hands on the wheel.

Placing your hand constantly on the gear lever could jeopardize your safety and that of others.

The gear lever is an element that keeps a mechanical connection with the transmissionAny pressure we put on it will end up being transmitted to the existing connections, and although it may not cause an immediate breakdown, we will be generating premature wear on the mediating elements, on gears and bearings.

That is the main reason why we should not keep our hand on the gear lever, since the gaps caused in the long run will take their toll and it will be necessary to go to a mechanical workshop. According to the Diario Motor portal, another reason why you should remove your bad habit Putting your hand on the gear lever is that in the future it might be difficult for you to introduce a gear, or even to get it out of place.


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