A message published on Twitter has warned about the danger that can keep inside a car a bottle of alcohol in hand sanitizer gel

This quarantine stage is very alarming for everyone, as it is a risk to go out onto the streets due to the possibility of contracting coronavirusFor this reason, the authorities have encouraged the population to use the soap and water as a hygiene and prevention measure, or, failing that, the use of antibacterial gel.

However, the latter is an article that many drivers carry in a bottle inside their vehicles, since surfaces such as steering wheel, the gear lever, waves door handles They are areas where the virus could be dormant, and using the gel could help save their lives, but also, it represents a mortal danger within cars.

The reason, a vehicle exposed to the sun turns into a real oven, and, according to a study published in 2019 by the Royal Automobile Club of Spain, it was determined that in just 30 minutes the interior of a car reaches twice the temperature that is outside, going from 27º C to 50º C.

According to the Motorpasión portal, after almost two hours the temperature inside the vehicle rises above 60º C. This means that any foreign element stored inside can become a potential danger.

The Fuenlabrada Fire Department offers a technical explanation to the matter: “The hydroalcoholic gel inside a vehicle parked in the sun can be vaporized, generating an atmosphere capable of being ignited by a cigarette, the relay that activates the opening with the remote control, the one with the turn signal, etc. “

The hydroalcoholic gels They can be made from different formulas, but in all of them, there is a proportion of 70 to 80% ethanol, so most of them are made of alcohol and should not be left in the car at temperatures ranging from 25 and 28 degrees.

These products also have emollients, humectants, glycerin or hydrogen peroxide, flammable products, so, in conclusion, it is remotely possible that a hand sanitizing gel could cause an explosion or cause a fire inside your vehicle if it is subjected to high temperatures, but it will depend on the content of the container and the type of alcohols.

The most recommended is do not leave anything foreign to your carsuch as liquids or plastic bottles that can degrade, and much less an aerosol.


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