This bad habit compromises the reliability of the box in the long term and subjects its components to unnecessary stress

The cars of automatic transmission Today they are one of drivers’ favorite options, as driving comfort is more favorable for some compared to a manual transmission car. However, parking an automatic transmission car is not as easy as it seems, since one of the most common vices in the use of automatic gearboxes is using the position of parking as if he was the hand brake.

Some drivers use the automatic shift parking position to prevent the car from rolling once parked, however, by lifting your foot off the service brake pedal, the car moves a few inches until the gearbox stops inertia , with a painful movement for the car.

And it is that, when performing the previous action, all the car weight It falls on certain components of the car’s gearbox, instead of against the much more powerful handbrake brakes, designed to stop the mass of the car in motion and support its weight once parked.

Solving any breakdown in a box involves taking apart a multitude of parts and possibly taking it out of the car,

According to the Diariomotor portal, when we gear the position ‘P‘Using the gear lever, a kind of pin“ bites ”the secondary shaft of the gearbox, locking it to prevent its movement. However, if the parking brake is not activated, we will be subjecting these components to unnecessary stress.

The option of “parking pawl”It can become damaged over time, especially if we park in areas with strong inclinations. It is in these situations when we hear a strong knock on the gearbox when moving the gear lever, possibly having to force more of the count on the lever. In addition to the ratchet, we can damage the gearbox linkage if we apply excessive force to the lever.


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