The General Directorate of Traffic warns of the dangers of driving at more than 25 degrees. It is important to achieve a good air conditioning inside the car.

High temperatures are almost as dangerous as driving distractions and can be a probable cause of a car accident. In order to reduce road casualties, the General Directorate of Traffic warns of the dangers of driving at more than 25 degrees inside the vehicle and offers us a series of useful recommendations and advice so that we avoid taking this unnecessary risk.

According to the DGT, driving with heat to temperature above 25 degrees, causes a decrease in attention and concentration, and increases the reaction time to an unforeseen event. The ideal temperature inside the vehicle should be between 21 and 23 degrees, thus preventing the risk of having an accident from increasing by up to 20% when driving at more than 25 degrees.

Driving with a temperature of 35 degrees causes the driver to stop perceiving 20% ​​of traffic signals, increasing their errors by around 30%. With the heat too impaired vision ability, suffering glare. In Spain, around 3,500 accidents are related to those moments when we stop seeing the road.

These are some tips that will allow the interior of our car not to rise dangerously:

Use the air conditioning: This device, standard in 99% of new cars for sale, allows to reduce the temperature and even regulate it between the 21 and 23 degrees mentioned above. It also filters almost 90% of the pollen that circulates in the air, an important element in case of allergy.
Park in the shade: Try to park the vehicle in the shade at all times, this way we will prevent the sun from directly hitting the car, increasing the temperature and damaging elements such as paint or interior parts.
Parasols: Parasols are a practical remedy if we cannot park in the shade. It is located on the front glass to prevent damage to the dashboard and steering wheel, and can be complemented by the rear windows or tinted windows, which reduce the passage of ultraviolet rays into the cabin.

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Protect your steering wheel: With a steering wheel cover, in addition to improving hygiene, you also isolate the steering wheel from heat.
Open the windows before starting: in this way, you will allow the car to ventilate and the high temperature of the interior is equalized with that of the exterior. Also turn on the air conditioning and leave the windows down so that all the hot air comes out. When you start to feel cold, roll up the windows.
Frequent car wash: in this way, the vehicle temperature can be lowered. Avoid doing this in the hottest hours to avoid possible damage to the body or other components.

This article was published in Autobild by Aarón Pérez.