why you should hire it before pregnancy

In the case of women, there are different types of policies managed by companies oriented to different areas. Specifically, some tend to look for insurance that covers maternity, however, in some it is not possible to contract one during pregnancy.

In this sense, it is best to purchase insurance before the indicated stage, since some grant a period of 12 months from the start of the contract for the woman to become pregnant and use the services of the policy, here we tell you some of the benefits of having one.

Know the coverage that insurers handle. Photo: Pixabay

First of all, a pregnancy involves several high expenses, for example:

Ultrasound Hematology Visits to the gynecologist Delivery

Therefore, these expenses can be reduced by having a policy, for this it is recommended that you review the services that each company offers in this regard. In this way, you can choose the most convenient option for you.

Likewise, a policy also protects you against the following emergencies:

Ectopic pregnancy Natural or spontaneous abortion Puerperal fever Eclampsia Fetal death Gestational diabetes Cerclage

In this sense, another of the benefits of having insurance is the savings you will make in medical consultations, therefore, consider these elements before hiring a policy for your pregnancy, since it is one of the most beautiful and delicate stages.

In addition, some insurances cover compensation for maternity, that is, if the delivery takes place in a hospital that has an agreement with the insurer, the company covers all expenses without the holder having to pay for any services, unless they are additional.

Also, some companies grant a percentage of up to 10% in the annual cost of the insurance of the first year of validity, which is valid for up to six months after the baby is born. Also in the event that the newborn is discharged from the insurer, the renewal of the policy can be free, and it will also be protected in case of developing a condition.

Remember that the purpose of insurance is to support your economy in emergencies, in this way it provides more peace of mind by having support to face expenses of this type. It is important that you review the coverage that the companies handle, in this way you can request one according to your needs.

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