Friday started with many calls. Early on, the connection between the managers of Botafogo and businessman Marcos Leite, from Rio de Janeiro, with Yaya Touré, from London, tried to be established, but without answers. All attempts fell into the mailbox. Everything to know the whereabouts of the midfielder, who, once negotiating with Alvinegro, appeared in a video by Leven Siano, Vasco’s candidate.

Yaya Touré in action for Manchester City (Photo: .)

Photo: Lance!

Marcos was responsible for mediating the negotiations between Yaya, from England, and Botafogo. He was taken aback by the Ivorian’s message to Vasco’s fans, as well as Leon Mann, the 38-year-old’s main agent, who was also in London.

Some time later, Ricardo Rotenberg and Carlos Augusto Montenegro, from the Botafogo board, managed to speak to Leon Mann and the answer was a bucket of cold water: the Ivorian gave up on negotiating with General Severiano’s club. The hiring, which before seemed so advanced, had a negative outcome. With Botafogo, the only alternative was to close all conversations with those involved. Yaya Touré passed over Glorioso and the agents themselves to close with Leven Siano. The main difference for the “yes” of the Ivorian was the fact that, if the businessman is elected, he comes to Rio de Janeiro to receive in euros. In Botafogo, he would receive in real.

The financial issue weighed mainly on Yaya’s family. In the case of conversations with Botafogo, the midfielder asked for three renegotiations of values ​​that were previously agreed, obviously seeking to receive more. Alvinegro reached his own financial limit and the Ivorian gave the green light, but jumped off the boat when he saw an opportunity to receive a higher salary – the current price of the euro is R $ 6.03.

Leven Siano, knowing that he is in danger of losing the election, also gave Yaya Touré his own property guarantees. The contract also provides for fines in case of breach – whichever side.

The truth is that Botafogo lost his arm wrestling. Alvinegro was close to a final outcome with Yaya Touré before the coronavirus, but the pandemic stopped the deal. In the meantime, Leven Siano arrived and, having the exchange rate measures as a foundation, convinced the player. For the Glorious, now it’s time to move on.

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