It’s over. Our brother-in-law will not be able to tell us at the next family lunch or dinner that his Xiaomi does the same as our 1,000 euro phone. Why? Well, because the Chinese company, that firm that has given us so many joys for so many years, just presented this week a new terminal that exceeds 1,000 euros in sales price. Yes, you read correctly, 1,000 euros.

We are not talking about Samsung, Huawei or Apple, companies that sincerely no longer surprise us in terms of their price. What’s more, we are practically used to having a large part of the telephone companies launch their top phones on the market at prices above 1,000 dollars / euros. But it is that here we are talking about Xiaomi, the champion of the contained prices, the company that we had always said was the best in terms of value for money on the market. Xiaomi, what happened to you?

Now yes: your Xiaomi phone DOES do the same as my 1,000 euro phone

Xiaomi has presented this week its two new star devices. Both the Xiaomi Mi 10 and the Mi 10 Pro come with the best on the market. Snapdragon 865, 8/12 GB of RAM memory, 108 megapixel camera … and at a price of 800 and 1,000 euros respectively. Is the price expensive? Being other companies we would say no – well yes. Being Xiaomi … well yes. And not only because we are not used to these figures but because it must be compared with the predecessor models.

When the Xiaomi Mi 9 was released at the beginning of last year, its official base price was around 400 euros and around 500 the most premium model. As we can see, the transition has been brutal. We have gone from 400/500 to 800/1000, double. It is evident that all brands have raised the price of their new terminals, even other brands that were also advocates of low prices such as OnePlus have been forced to launch less affordable devices. But … what justifies going from 500 euros to 1,000 euros?

There are many theories. The price of materials has risen because of the coronavirus crisis, Xiaomi has decided to launch an order in order to know if it can sell expensive phones or simply, until now Xiaomi was selling its phones at a loss. In 2018, the CEO of Xiaomi stated that the company would never earn more than 5% of profit per phone sold, which in practice means that the firm was selling its terminals at much lower prices than “normal” in the market. . What happened suddenly?

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In the last episode of Connecting, our weekly podcast, we discussed this at length. It is possible that with this movement Xiaomi wants to differentiate itself from its main competitor Realme, while maintaining two completely separate ranges. On the one hand Redmi for cheap terminals and on the other hand Xiaomi itself for more premium terminals.

But beyond theories and opinions, ultimately Everything indicates that the times of cheap Xiaomi phones have come to an end. The fact of having reached these prices indicates that the Mi 11 futures will not be cheap either. We will have to get used to it. The world upside down, Xiaomi launching expensive phones … and Apple betting on cheap devices. Crazy.

Yes, we do not doubt that it will be a magnificent terminal and is that we really want to try it. We will analyze it as soon as we can!

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