Why would Twitter, Facebook and Instagram block your accounts

In relation to the recent suspensions of Donald Trump’s social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, some users may be curious to know what are the reasons why these digital platforms could block their accounts.

Reasons why Twitter could block your account

The Twitter digital platform, through its help center, establishes that it reserves the right to cancel accounts that do not comply with its rules, which are divided into four groups:

Why would Twitter, Facebook and Instagram block your accounts. Photo: Pixabay.


Publication of the following content: violence, threats, agitation, child sexual exploitation, abuse, harassment, behaviors that incite hatred, suicide, self-harm, multimedia that shows images or videos that are sensitive and classified for adults, such as graphic violence and goods and services of illegal way.

2.- Privacy.

Publish information of a private nature and any type of nudity not agreed and authorized.

3.- Authenticity.

Publication of spam, which could spread malicious information, inappropriate data on the social network, exposed content that does not make civic sense and integrity, images, false and modified videos, that have an original author and brand.

4.- Third party advertising in videos.

Send, broadcast or expose video content, which is related to third-party advertising, such as intrusive video ads that are not previously authorized by Twitter.

It is important to comment that, due to these regulations, Twitter will not necessarily block your account quickly. According to what is stated by the platform, it first tries to make the user see it, by executing measures, where the offenders are required to delete the tweet (s). The platform also checks who is the account holder and establishes some limitations on the publication of their tweets. In case the person continues to ignore the rules, after the measures taken, the account will probably be permanently blocked.

However, it is important to mention that there are causes that could cause the immediate and permanent blocking of an account, which are: Posting of threats, videos and images with intimate content and without authorization such as sexual exploitation of minors. For more specific questions, you could check the general policies and guidelines of Twitter.

Reasons why Facebook could block your account

Regarding the social network called Facebook, there could be temporary blocks to users who, for example, violated rules such as friend requests sent, which could cause annoyances, among others. Depending on the level of infraction, the time in which the account is canceled will be determined, either by your history or in the event that you repeat the offense.

The causes that could contribute to your account being permanently canceled are the following:

1.- Content that incites violence.

It refers to any publication that incites terrorism, hatred, murder, sexual exploitation of people, and organized crime, which include groups that advise them and provoke them to this type of behavior. In the event that Facebook detects that there is any risk or physical damage to people or that security is altered, the platform will erase what has been published, block the account and notify the corresponding authorities.

2.- User safety.

Facebook does not accept behaviors such as bullying, in addition to suicidal behavior or self-harm. The social network does not allow publications that contain exploitation and injuries to minors, nudity, which are not tolerated and will be deleted immediately.

3.- Language that provokes hatred.

At this point, Facebook is concerned about preventing this type of publication, since this content could spread acts of aggression between people.

Reasons why Instagram could block your account

Regarding the digital platform called Instagram, its non-compliance rules are similar to Twitter and Instagram, since users who frequently violate its rules could be permanently blocked.

Other reasons why the social network could cancel a user’s account immediately is identity transplantation (the famous stalkers), when people give false information to open accounts, dissemination of illegal acts and publication of private information without authorization. .

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