Why won’t ‘Battlefield 2042’ have battle royale? DICE responds

Battlefield 2042 it’s official now. DICE presented it through a spectacular trailer that, so far, has received very positive comments. Beyond the trailer, the Swedish studio also shared the first details, highlighting the absence of a campaign and, above all, of the battle royale. Although many expected the second mode to have a later release, DICE expressed that their efforts are focused solely on traditional multiplayer.

In an age where shooter games jump on the battle royale train at the slightest provocation, it’s strange that a long-awaited title like Battlefield 2042 doesn’t follow the same path. What are the exact reasons for this decision? In fact, DICE’s argument is totally understandable. The study claims to know perfectly what their creative strengths, and they plan to get the most out of them in the classic multiplayer mode that they master so well.

Oskar Gabrielson, director of Battlefield 2042, had an interview with The Washington Post to talk about it. The creative mentions that the objective from the beginning was to devise how they could take the franchise to the next level, but without losing the elements that have always distinguished them. The first logical step was to increase the maximum number of players per game, which will now be 128 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC (previous generation consoles will have to settle for 64 and with smaller maps).

In addition, the masterminds behind the franchise had some ideas that they could not apply in previous installments due to technical limitations: “There are ideas that we have had for eight, nine or ten years, but for different reasons, sometimes technology, to times by time, we have not been able to apply “. This barrier has finally been overcome with the arrival of the next generation consoles and graphics cards.

Battlefield 2042 has a surprise up its sleeve

Gabrielson points out that, while Battlefield 2042 players will not enjoy a battle royale, they are working on a completely new gameplay. They describe it as “a love letter to everyone who loves Battlefield”. However, on this proposal they will reveal more details on July 22 during EA Play. It is worth mentioning that this modality is being developed by DICE Los Angeles, the study in charge of Vince Zampella (creator of Call of Duty).

“The DICE LA team had a chance to show everyone the latest update last week. They just went nuts.”

One reason that DICE does not mention, and that surely influenced him to forget about a battle royale in Battlefield 2042, is that Firestorm (the battle royale of Battlefield 5) was a total failure. It is evident that the franchise community has never shown interest in embracing the experiences of Fortnite or Warzone. For Electronic Arts it was too late when they realized it.

So why direct your efforts and resources towards a modality that does not interest your community? After all, it is the traditional large-scale confrontations that have placed the franchise among the most popular of the FPS (First-Person Shooter); the ones that have allowed more people to dare to play Battlefield for the first time. Battlefield 2042 will be available on October 22, and it will be on June 13 when they will show the first gameplay.

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