Are there two cursed films in the lap of Disney? After the New Mutants, whose universe has completely darkened, it’s about Jungle Cruise, the universe that was to put Dwayne Johnson at the heart of the story, which is in danger, once again. The film, it should be remembered, is finished shooting since September 2018. Since then, it has already been rejected several times. Initially planned for October 2019, it was postponed to July 2020. Then the coronavirus arrived, taking everything in its path. And the new date is not really reassuring.

Dwayne Johnson tries to be reassuring

The actor, who believes a lot in this franchise, announced the new date himself on his Instagram account. We are now talking about July 30, 2021 in the United States, and a date that should be more or less the same in France.

The good news for the actor and his film? The date has a release date. Unlike the New Mutants, which for the moment seems to have been forgotten by Disney, the saga should take off next summer. This is also what Dwayne Johnson puts in a message that aims to be optimistic.

I feel good and optimistic about this date because it gives Disney time to be fully operational in all of its businesses – theme parks, hotels, cruise ships, but more importantly, it gives the world time to bounce back to live confidently, productively and joyfully again.

Above all, we could have feared that the film would land in streaming. But the actor’s box office potential undoubtedly played a role in making the choice. Above all, unlike many other films, Disney puts here on the map of continuity in terms of the release period. Summer seems to be the chosen period. It remains to be seen whether it will be the right one!