Why was Miles Morales nominated for the Game Awards and Demon’s Souls not?

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 11/18/2020 12:53 pm

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Today the official list of nominees for the Game Awards, and although everyone seems to agree with most of the titles mentioned, there is one candidate in particular who seems to have been absent. We are talking of course about the remake of Demon’s Souls in charge of Bluepoint games, whose name does not appear in any of the lists, when Spider-Man: Miles Moralesyes. What is this about? Here we explain it to you.

What happens is that, as press, we did have enough time to play Miles Morales before sending the votes. In the case of Demon’s Souls, the review code reached us a few hours before its release, so we did not have time to play it and as a result, it was impossible to vote for it. For embargo reasons we cannot reveal the exact date the votes were sent.

So there you have it, despite leaving the same day, Miles Morales he did qualify for the Game Awards, while Demon’s Souls no. Now you can put to rest all those theories that the game was not good enough, or anything else you have read on the internet. In fact, you can already take a look at our written review, where we tell you why you should not skip this new exclusive from PS5.


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