Why was Lucero not Luis Miguel’s girlfriend? She rejected him!

Why was Lucero not Luis Miguel’s girlfriend? | Instagram

The movie that singer Lucero performed with Luis Miguel literally meant a whole “love fever” for the two figures of the moment in music and even, this related them sentimentally but why were they not boyfriends?Sun of Mexico?

Apparently, there was an excellent chemistry between the two according to their own account. bright Star, “We grabbed our sweaty little hand” she would reveal in the middle of an interview where she also told the real reasons why she and Luis Miguel were not boyfriends.

Tape “Fever of love“It indisputably detonated the careers of both, two of the most important and acclaimed youth figures of the time and which also managed to establish itself on Mexican television as one of the most remembered films of the 80s.

“They were in a very fresh stage”

It was to the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda that Lucero revealed that yes, there was a rapprochement with her scene partner “Luismi”, however, she asked herself many questions about what their relationship would be like and particularly how their careers would allow them to have something more, since both had very important projects on the horizon.

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Added to this, the so-called “girlfriend of America” ​​points out that at that time they were between 14 and 15 years old, they were in a stage that he called “very strawberry” since they were both more innocent, “at that time I think we were holding on to each other. Sweaty little hand. Not like boyfriends, but I think we were like very good friends. ”

Deep down we had the idea that, we are not going to be official boyfriends because this is in Chinese … we were very foolish, what each other’s parents said, what the director said, very obedient … commented Lucero, who Accepted has not seen the interpreter for many years.

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One of the most memorable scenes of the film is undoubtedly the moment in which both appear at the altar, which led many to think about the possibility that they had formed a beautiful couple, however, this never materialized and was the The same “ex-wife of Manuel Mijares” who discovered the reasons.

The interpreter of songs such as “Electricidad”, “El Privilegio de Amar”, “Go with her”, “Gloria a Ti”, among others, confessed that they did like each other and had very good times at work, but they only had one good friendship in common, although there was a kind of chemistry between them but due to the stage they were going through, their relationship never materialized.

How does Luis Miguel kiss?

It should be remembered that Lucero starred with the singer “Luis Miguel” in her first wedding and shared some scenes that the artist now remembers with great affection.

He has also shared that during the filming of the film, many moments with Luis Miguel led them to feel enormous affection in addition to reliving some details of the project in which he collaborated with the singer, such as the kisses they shared during the scenes.

The greatest figures of the show starred in the film that took place on the sought-after beaches of Acapulco, the participation of both was thanks to the idea of ​​the producer and director René Cardona, “Fiebre de Amor” gave them a greater projection and boost the nascent careers of both of them.

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Lucero would reveal for the program “La Cuchara” some details about the controversial scenes that she starred in with the so-called “Sol de México”, and contrary to what many thought, the then adolescent did not feel any nerves at that time.

The singer points out that at that time young people were not as advanced as they are today, so more than thinking about romance they had a lot of fun and became very good friends.

The Mexican star points out that they did not hide to kiss or anything like that and when asked if there were nerves on the part of both when it came to kissing, she answered no

Our hands didn’t sweat, no, said the singer-songwriter.

He even accepted that at some point he felt a little sorry for seeing those kinds of scenes on the screen in which he appears kissing with the interpreter.

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In the same way, he added, that it has been a long time without seeing Luis Miguel and what he currently knows about him was thanks to the artist’s biography that was released on Netflix.