There is a fine line that separates bravery from recklessness and the organization of US Open 2020 balances on it during these days. The proposal of the New York Grand Slam is official and although the confirmation of the New York health authorities is lacking so that it can consider it a closed matter, the reactions in the world of tennis have been swift. Despite the fact that a notable part of players, especially big stars, showed reluctance to play the tournament, there will be tennis without an audience in Flushing Meadows and elite tennis will be resumed in terms that are worth reviewing.

06/15/2020 04:06

Chris Wildmaier, communications director of the US Open, confirms to ESPN that they will shortly communicate their decision to play the tournament on August 31.

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After making the announcement, some members of the organizing committee held a telematic meeting with American media journalists, such as the NY Times, in which they revealed the arguments behind this decision. “From the beginning we have built this plan in a collaborative way, speaking with many stakeholders and consulting with experts in health security. We want to go ahead with the tournament because we believe we can do it,” he said. Chris Widmaier, spokesman for the USTA.

From this entity they know that there are more than two months left for the start of the tournament (August 31) and that there may be flares that will ruin their idea, but they blindly trust that things will go well. “We have worked 24 hours a day to figure out how to run the tournament in the safest way possible. We feel that if players are adamant about complying with social distancing measures, the virus could not spread in any way. Our infectious disease specialists are convinced of this and that the measures proposed are correct, “he assured Patrick Galbraith, president of the USTA.

Questioned about the problems that could arise in the event of having to subject the tennis players to a quarantine, Galbraith is forceful. “That would be a big problem, but we have a lot of confidence. Europe is opening its borders and the main thing is to observe the evolution of the virus; clearly, it is sending both in Europe and in the United States,” assured the top USTA president with a great optimism and denying the possibility of considering displaced players to be quarantined. We will have to pay attention to whether the US Open 2020 it can finally be celebrated.