The 4th generation SEAT León includes the best in technology and a proof of them are the 16 antennas that cannot be seen with the naked eye but that help the car to work flawlessly.

The connectivity in the cars It is one of the most important issues today, because thanks to technology, we managed to see cars that offer endless features that we may never have imagined, such as having a phone in the car, playing music via Bluetooth, or even having WiFi inside vehicle.

All of the above would not be possible without the famous reception antennas, and that is that the new SEAT Leon has 16 antennas that make possible the functions of the brand’s first fully connected car, and the radio, the Gps, the Wifi and telephony 4G.

According to the automotive firm itself SEATAmong the antennas that the León includes, there are those of 4G telephony, which make connectivity services possible and some security assistants, such as the emergency call, as well as to improve the mobile coverage of the occupants.

Distribution of antennas of the new SEAT León.
Credit: Courtesy SEAT.

As expected, it also has navigation antennas and vehicle positioning (GPS), Bluetooth and WiFi, in addition to including other antennas to manage vehicle access as an anti-theft system, or even to remotely turn on the heating.

According to the Motorpasión portal, the number of antennas depends on each vehicle, although today none falls below 10 o’clock and the roof is rated as the best place to place them, since being the highest area allows a greater range In any direction.

In the famous shark fin antenna that most know, the long old rods are replaced electronically, and up to 4 functions are integrated: GPS, 4G telephony, WiFi and for remote control of the heating.

To fight interference when the car is driving through areas with difficult conditions (such as a tunnel or a mountainous area), SEAT works with the system ‘diversity‘, Which consists of several antennas with the same function to be able to select the one that offers the best signal.


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