Why the BMW 3 Series Touring is the best station wagon on the market

I have tested many cars this year 2021. There have been weeks in which I had up to three parked at home (thanks, brother-in-law, for giving me a garage space). And as a family man I often wonder what the next car we have could be. The BMW 3 Series Touring has won many ballots to be it.

After testing it thoroughly, we saw how it does not lose an iota of the dynamism that the Series 3 has carried as a flag throughout its history. But without radicalism and also placing emphasis on being refined and with exquisite care for its occupants. We said it covered a lot and, the good thing, is that it does everything very well.

Because doing something fun to drive and, at the same time, that your wife and children do not protest every time you hit a speed bump or drive down a broken road is not an easy task. I imagine testers and engineers testing different chassis configurations until they come up with the magic formula.

I love these bodies because without compromising dynamism or making consumption rise a lot, they offer a great load capacity, with infinitely more comfortable access, at a cost not much higher (in this case, about 2,000 euros more, it varies depending on the engine that choose). And beware, this is already subjective, many times they are more beautiful on the outside, they are no longer the hearse of yesteryear.

It has dimensions that are no longer very comfortable to drive in the city at a high price, especially when you start to play with the configurator and find that, to take it as you want, you have to keep saving a little, at least in my case.

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