Irrefutable reasons to start that project you have always wanted … But digitally!

If you get out of quarantine with a website, an online store, a blog or any other way to digitize your businessYou never lacked time, just discipline! These days are of uncertainty for everyone, especially for business owners. And is that not knowing when things will return to normal directly affect the operations of any business, but not necessarily the income …

It is always important to see the positive side of things. And in this case, the good thing about quarantine is the opportunity to digital transformation for companies. So choose the domain for your page, find a good web hosting and launch your business to the internet! Here are some good reasons to do it:

1. The Internet is where people are

These days everyone (literally) is connected to the internet. Since no one is leaving their homes, spend more time consuming digital content either on pages, social networks or search engines. What to do: implement a campaign in Google or Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to create one landing page Winner for users to reach by clicking on your ad.

2. Savings in operating costs

The good thing about staying home is that you don’t have to spend office rent, transfers, services such as electricity, water and internet, or stationery. What to do: install tools like Slack, Google Drive, Zoom and Monday to communicate with your team and manage tasks effectively.

3. You increase your sales

Contrary to what many believe, sales are increasing during these days in Mexico … Only through online stores. What to do: Take all the products from your physical store to an online store. For this it is necessary that you e-commerce have a good hosting that allows you to store all the information and images of your products.

4. You make yourself known more

A great way to make yourself known during quarantine is publishing useful content for your clients. Open a section of Blog on your page and start sharing valuable content for your followers. This will help your SEO and will improve your search engine positioning. What to do: put together an editorial calendar based on what your customers are consuming and publicize the articles on your social networks.

5. You retain your clients

What reason is there for the saying “someone who is absent a lot stops being needed”. If you don’t want something during this quarantine, it’s that people forget you. So start a weekly, biweekly or monthly newsletter. What to do: send a newsletter communicating the new products from your online store, some discounts and promotions, and even blog articles.

Flip the quarantine coin and take advantage of the situation to transform your company into a digital one. Don’t stop your business, boost it with technological tools and see it grow!

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