Why retail adoption of Bitcoin can be a challenge at $ 55,000

Bitcoin has been in the spotlight lately as its recent high prices have attracted more investors from around the world.

Drawing parallels between the world’s largest cryptocurrency and that of traditional finance, Traidman pointed out that “Wall Street falls asleep every night, but Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency markets continue to trade.”

However, despite the acceptance of Bitcoin by the mainstream financial world, Traidman pointed out that while the mainstream adoption of crypto is on the rise, there was also a lot of concern from investors. around new asset classes such as cryptocurrency.

“We are used to dealing with banks, we are not used to dealing with mobile applications to invest,” comments Traidman who says that investing tens of thousands of dollars in an investment through your phone does is not something that has always been well accepted.

Priced at over $ 55,000, Bitcoin may be the most common cryptocurrency, but even buying a small percentage of it seems expensive to the average retail investor.

This may not be the case for institutions, and as evidenced by last year, they continued to show a passionate interest in cryptocurrencies as a growing asset class.

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