Why not touch your face with acne

The acne is a skin condition that harms the state of the skin and that manifests itself mainly on the face. When we suffer from acne, we have to take precautions and care in order to overcome the disease without the face being very affected.

According to Stylist, one of the cares we have to take to avoid acne is do not touch our faces, which can be very difficult for people who are very used to doing it. The reason for this is explained below.

Why shouldn’t we touch our faces while we have acne?

acneacneAs much as acne on your face bothers you, don’t touch your face. Source: Shutterstock

Acne happens when skin pores get clogged. They can be blocked by substances that are on the skin, but it also occurs from the mixture of natural skin oils with dead cells from inside the pore.

The above leads to the fact that everyone can get acne as long as you approach one of these two scenarios. However, adolescents are the most susceptible to this condition due to the hormonal changes they go through.

Touching your face while you have acne can exacerbate the disease because we would be spreading bacteria and foreign agents on the face, which can accentuate the blockage of facial pores.

However, if we wash our hands immediately before doing so we could reduce the risk of increasing the condition once we have rid our hands of bacteria and dangerous substances.

Other Actions to Avoid While You Have Acne

It is preferable that you do not use cosmetics or greasy creams for your face. Its fat content can intensify the pimples, even if you manage to remove the cream completely. Oil-based cosmetics should also be avoided.

AcneAcneOne of the main recommendations for women with acne is to remove makeup before bed. Source: Pexels

It doesn’t help much to leave makeup on overnight, you will only get the products to stay on your skin for a longer amount of time, which does not help reduce pimples on the face.

Don’t rub alcohol or toners on your face that make your skin too dry. You can replace them with a salicylic acid or benzoyl product to wash your skin if you have oily skin. You can too gently wash the skin with a mild soap.

Don’t aggressively squeeze, rip, poke, or rub your pimples. This can lead to skin infections, scarring, and delayed healing.

By last, avoid wearing tight headbands, baseball caps, and hats. All this makes it difficult for the skin on your face to cool off from the drafts, and it also encourages the accumulation of dirt in certain places.

Our chances of getting well from acne will increase significantly if we avoid touching our face and if we follow the treatment corresponding for acne. All this will help our skin health to recover satisfactorily.

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