Why neem is the herbal remedy of the moment to lose weight and cleanse the body

Today we all want to live better and longer, that is why the current health trend invites us to return to the power of nature. Based on this, millenary natural remedies have been taken up that are associated with great benefits to improve health and accelerate weight loss. Among the most trending alternatives are the neen leaves, which have positioned themselves as the perfect ally to purify the body, accelerate metabolism and combat inflammation.

It is very likely that you are wondering What is neem? It is one of the oldest and most revered trees in India for its incredible therapeutic properties. The scientific name of Neem is Azadirachta indicates that it means “The free tree of India” and agrees with the term Neem, from the Sanskrit word “Nimba” which means “the one who cures all ailments”. Although there is some scientific research on this plant that is considered quite recent, today we have valuable studies that endorse its healing properties. Not in vain the use of neem dates back thousands of years as a powerful medicinal antidote, today the bark, leaves and seeds are used to make medicines. Less frequently, the root, flower and fruit are also used.

The truth is neem leaves are full of goodness which are worth talking about: they act as a good ally to treat eye disorders, intestinal worms, upset stomach, skin ulcers, diseases of the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular disease), fever, diabetes, gum disease (gingivitis) and liver diseases. It is also one of the most popular natural insecticides. And of course they are a great natural antidote for weight loss, read on for the main reasons.

What are the benefits of neem for weight loss?

Without a doubt, in recent months the use of neem has positioned itself as one of the best natural remedies to accelerate weight loss. And the most popular way to consume it is through its intake in neem leaf tea, it is an herbal drink packed with important minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that actively intervene in metabolism.

The infusion of neem leaves is a magnificent natural slimming supplement, in principle because of its great ability to increase satiety. Neen leaves are rich in fiber and have the power to slow down digestion and thus make us feel satisfied for longer. In addition, this rich natural drink is a good ally to combat anxiety to eat and is very useful to reduce cravings that make us eat excessively. Also its composition rich in essential oils and powerful antioxidants accelerates metabolism naturally and it is of great help to burn more calories throughout the day, in addition to increasing the burning of body fat The reason? Neem leaves benefit the absorption of nutrients and prevent the absorption of fats. That is why one of the best recommendations to enhance its qualities is to consume the infusion three times a day in addition to a balanced and low-calorie diet.

Last but not least, neem leaves are one of the best and most powerful natural detoxifiers, they eliminate harmful chemicals, toxins, salts, fats and retained liquids. They are also carriers of great anti-inflammatory properties that actively help you lose weight faster.

It is recommended consume neem leaf tea on an empty stomach, in addition to trying to drink a warm cup 30 minutes before main meals. Also in various naturopathic and Aryurveda trends, consuming neem juice is recommended. It is very easy to make it at home: add a handful of neem leaves, a cup of non-dairy milk and a tablespoon of honey to the blender glass, process and consume immediately (also on an empty stomach).

Now you know, nature is wise and puts at our disposal all kinds of herbal remedies to facilitate the path to a healthy weight. Best of all, integrating the consumption of neem infusion into your daily routine is a simple, accessible and sustainable habit. Go ahead and try it! With consistency you will quickly notice the results.

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