Why Loki refers to the TVA timekeepers as ‘lizards’

In the latest clip that Disney + has released of the Loki series, the protagonist refers to the TVA timekeepers as “space lizards,” and here’s why.

While many villains have been back and forth from the MCU over the years, often killed in a big way, it was obvious from the moment Loki debuted in 2011’s Thor that he would be someone special in the franchise. Fantastically played by Tom Hiddleston, it was obvious that Loki couldn’t be trusted, but he was so much fun to see that audiences wanted to keep seeing him on screen.

Considering that, it’s no wonder Loki avoided the usual death of a villain in the MCU, even though he faked it in Thor: The Dark World. That was until the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War, when the mad titan, Thanos, easily murdered the character shocking all the fans, happening right after the Asgardian seemed to have achieved total redemption for his past sins. While that was indeed the permanent end of that particular Loki, the introduction of time travel and the multiverse in the MCU made it possible for another Loki to be the center of attention.

However, since escaping with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame in alternate 2012, Loki has taken on the Time Variance Authority, a powerful organization tasked with maintaining the integrity of the timeline. This agency is run by beings called Guardians of Time. But are they really space lizards, as Loki claims?

Why does Loki call the Guardians of Time “lizards of space”

The MCU timekeepers have so far only been glimpsed in the form of statues that presumably resemble their actual appearances on Loki. Although vaguely humanoid, they certainly do not appear to be human beings. In Marvel Comics, the Time Keepers are decidedly alien in appearance, with green skin and yellow eyes. The trio of beings was created by the last director of the Time Variation Authority, in anticipation of the end of the universe. Their job is to protect the flow of time, and while far from being perfectly benevolent creatures, their commitment to their task cannot be compared.

Why Loki refers to the TVA timekeepers as 'space lizards'

While the Time Keepers have never been referred to as “Space Lizards” before, it makes sense why Loki might call them that. An impetuous and arrogant Asgardian who has traveled the universe and mastered illusion has likely encountered countless alien species, and probably none of them impressed him much except Thanos.

Loki believes very highly in the superiority of his Asgardian upbringing and lineage, and he likely won’t normally change his mind when meeting new races. At the same time, Loki seems puzzled by the TVA’s clear power, making it equally likely that his insults are a defense mechanism due to the real fear that he might have found his match. He will never admit it and will always try to hide it, but Loki doesn’t seem to know how to handle the Timekeepers. Clearly, he can’t use magic to escape the clutches of the TVA, and that’s not a position he’s used to, so calling them space lizards could be the fury of a desperate god.

The Loki series can be seen exclusively on Disney + from June 9.

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