Why Jeff Bezos’ Space Trip Has The Internet So Annoying

The comment, of course, sparked thousands of criticisms, especially considering that Amazon has received multiple lawsuits around the world for the treatment of workers before and during the pandemic. The protests, and contagions, in the Amazon warehouses are a constant.

“While Jeff Bezos is in all the news for paying to go into space, let’s not forget the reality he has created here on Earth.”

Another of the accusations, especially to Jeff Bezos, for wasting money on that when in fact, in the United States the form has been a controversy in which it evades millions of taxes. In addition to not having good working conditions for the workers of their companies.

“Jeff Bezos is using his time to go out and zoom into outer space. Good for him. Poll after poll shows that the American people want him to pay their fair share of taxes here on Earth.”

Likewise, these commercial trips to space do not represent an advance for humanity, since they do not produce any knowledge or scientific progress. They are simply for “space tourism.”

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