Why it is important for Ana Rosa to get vaccinated live

Ana Rosa Quintana is vaccinated live. (Photo: Telecinco)

Even the kitchen. The cameras of The AR program have broadcast live this morning the vaccination of Ana Rosa Quintana at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium. The presenter, who has received the first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine, has assured that she has “no fear” and that all vaccines are good and save lives ”.

Ana Rosa has been the undisputed leader of mornings on television for 16 years and her program gathers an average of 735,000 viewers every day, so there have been thousands of Spaniards who this morning have seen how the presenter received the puncture.

In Spain, politicians like Esperanza Aguirre and celebrities like Norma Duval have immortalized the vaccination process. But is it any use? Do the most skeptical of these familiar faces take into account?

Do celebrity vaccines work to raise awareness?

Faced with this exceptional situation of mass vaccination and certain reluctance about the AstraZeneca and Janssen vaccines, many wonder if gestures such as that of Ana Rosa Quintana, in a primetime program of the morning time slot, help to raise awareness among the population about the benefit and the need to get vaccinated. For the primary care physician Javier Padilla this fact “does not harm, which is enough in the context in which we are.”

“In the case of Ana Rosa, welcome. I don’t know if it adds up, but it certainly doesn’t subtract. In other areas it could fall into spectacularisation, but in this case, I think go ahead ”, explains Padilla.

The epidemiologist and former director of the Health Action in Crisis of the WHO Daniel López Acuña recalls that this practice is very common in other countries. “This is to…

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