Why is the DGT going to fine you for your mobile phone even if you are not using it?

It seems incredible that at this point in the film it is necessary to give a slap on the wrist to use the mobile while driving, and especially taking into account all the connection possibilities offered by the current car. However, the DGT has decided to further curl the curl by tightening the rules on using our smartphone while we are behind the wheel. And it is that today we explain why the General Directorate of Traffic is going to fine you severely even if you are not using your mobile properly with up to 200 euros and 6 points of the card, and so you think twice before even touching it.

We know very well that the mobile phone is not only a distraction behind the wheel, but also one of the causes of many of the accidents that take place today. Brands, aware of the irresponsibility and dependence so accentuated towards our mobile device, They have decided to make life easier by creating highly advanced connection methods, but it seems that for some drivers they are not enough.

The DGT will fine you even if you are not using your mobile

And it is not for less that it has been decided to penalize this type of infraction more strictly, especially when we review such chilling data such as the 390 deaths a year that occur due to using the mobile phone while driving and almost the 8,000 accidents with victims due to the same device. In this way, the DGT has decided to issue a new rule that will make us avoid even picking up the mobile.

And this is where the high point of this new modification lies, which says that the mere fact of carrying our mobile phone in hand while driving It could cost us up to 200 euros of fine and the withdrawal of 6 points from the card even if we are not using it. Although the monetary sanction is maintained, the withdrawal of points has been multiplied by two, which was previously established at 3.

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Why am I fined if I am not using my mobile?

The truth is that it may surprise many to receive a fine in which it refers to the fact that he was not using the mobile but was holding it in his hand while driving. And it is that, after all, Both hands must be used at all times to manage driving and not manipulate objects outside the car during the journey, and especially when these can be such a distraction as to cause an accident.

In addition, the mere fact of holding the mobile is already indicative that it is going to be used, so it can be considered as a preventive measure. Be that as it may, heThe DGT has established surveillance systems that not only capture if we are driving with the seat belt on or not, but also if we are using the mobile phone and, therefore, holding it while driving.

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