why is it from the Warrenverso even though the director denies it

Once the correct Warren File: Forced by the devil (Michael Chaves, 2021), the eighth film in the terrifying cinematic universe developed around the charlatans Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga), has passed through the cinemas of this pandemic world yet, its director has had no other occurrence than declare that La Llorona (2019) is not integrated into the mentioned warren universe. A nonsense.

Like when they insisted that Cary Joji Fukunaga was the first American director of a film about James Bond to be in charge of No Time to Die (2021), the last planned with the participation of Daniel Craig as the secret agent of novelist Ian Fleming.

Something just as false as the statement of his compatriot, Michael Chaves, about his own movie, and for practically the same reasons.

The statements of Michael Chaves, director of ‘La Llorona’ and ‘The Warren File: Forced by the demon’

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“The very simple reason [por la que La Llorona] It is not [parte del universo Warren es que] it was done without one of the producers [de la franquicia], so technically it cannot be fully accepted, “the director explained to Josh Millican during an interview for Dread Central. “Originally, only there was supposed to be a playful wink [al universo Warren en La Llorona], putting the father [Pérez] and flashback to Annabelle [John R. Leonetti, 2014]”.

“But it wasn’t supposed to be marketed that way. The plan was, you’d get into it and then it was like, “Oh my God, they’re connected!” We weren’t supposed to be doing that from the beginning. And that is why [el filme] He has that outsider status. But how [el personaje de] lLlorona is an outsider, I think it fits ”; and his myth “can stand on its own.”

“But James [Wan] I was as a producer [y] the conversation started over an easter egg. He just ran away from himself, ”continues Michael Chaves. “People loved that connection. But the Warren Files franchise has been created by a team that has been there from the beginning. Really it is not correct to do an official split without the full team”.

And then how has such confusion been produced? “When we premiered it in Austin [Texas], was mistakenly announced as’andThe next chapter of the universe from Warren expedient», says the American filmmaker, “which sent waves of panic throughout the New Line [Cinema]. We didn’t want anyone to be offended. It was supposed to be just a wink and a nod. It’s not like we’re trying to steal your mojo or your brand. “

The creators of the saga dance as always

la llorona michael chaves dossier warren the conjuringWarner Bros.

Pretty difficult thing, Mr. Chaves, with the same ownership. Because both La Llorona and the other seven Warrenverse films are the property of New Line Cinema. And Atomic Monster, with the exception of The Conjuring (James Wan, 2013), precisely the first. Furthermore, we must say that the names of the elders responsible dance in all they, especially the creative ones, as is usual in a long saga that takes place over a good number of years.

Chad and Carey W. Hayes wrote the script for the first film and that of The Enfield Affair (Wan, 2016) with the director and David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, which in turn signs that of Obligado por el diablo. Gary Dauberman wrote Annabelle’s Annabelle: Creation (David F. Sandberg, 2017), The Nun (2018) and Annabelle Comes Home (2019); the last two, with their own address.

It is true that the writers of La Llorona, the almost fledgling Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis, have not collaborated on any other Warren File project before or after said film, and there does not seem to be any prospect of it. But also that its co-producers Victoria Palmeri Y Judson Scott They have become executives in the next two films in the Warren universe, that is, Annabelle Comes Home and Forced by the Devil.

Like Michelle Morrissey has repeated in such position for both. Or what Michael Clear, in five of them since Annabelle: Creation, Walter hamada, in six from The Conjuring, and Richard Benner, in seven since Annabelle. Y Dave neustadter, another of the executive producers of La Llorona, has been such in all the Warrenverso movies; together with the other great involved in different roles, James wan.

That the majority of producers participate is not important

la llorona michael chaves dossier warren the conjuringWarner Bros.

Even the filmmaker Gary Dauberman financed Michael Chaves’s film after The Nun, his as mentioned above. The only regular producer since the beginning of Expediente Warren who was off the canvas with the film on the Spanish-American folk spectrum, and who is likely to motivate Chaves’ remarks, is Peter safran, and he has never even taken care of executive tasks.

But this cinematic swallow cannot make a summer to argue that, without him, the film in question “cannot be accepted” as part of the Warren universe when a majority of regulars of such horror saga they have decided to contribute to this, the most collective work of art that exists. So pretending that including La Llorona among The Conjuring films is like swallowing with the second part of Avellaneda’s Don Quixote makes no sense.

However, the most decisive thing is not in that matter although it is revealed like that, but in what Michael Chaves calls Unfounded “playful wink”. In La Llorona, Anna Tate-García (Linda Cardellini) turns to Father Pérez (Tony Amendola) to help her fight the evil spirit after her children Chris (Roman Christou) and Samantha (Jaynee-Lynne Kinchen) are threatened by himself in 1973.

The Catholic priest relates what he tells him to the horrible events that he experienced because of a doll possessed in 1967, and we see a flashback from Annabelle with him taking her to his church. After what he alludes to the services of Ed and Lorraine Warren without naming them as a possible solution, before directing this desperate mother to the heterodox former priest Rafael Olvera (Raymond Cruz) for proximity, quicker availability and precise knowledge.

Nothing of “a playful wink” in ‘La Llorona’

la llorona michael chaves dossier warren the conjuringWarner Bros.

But none of this constitutes a simple wink. A nod are the Easter eggs on several classic horror movies that Michael Chaves has put in Forced by the devil, for example. Reuse a character like Father Pérez in another film it’s a spin-off In all rules, without discussion. Especially if it is finished off with obvious references to the two protagonists of the Warrenverso and even images from a previous film in the saga are inserted.

And, for now, there is no narrative ingredient that dismisses La Llorona as work belonging to the canon of The Conjuring, but just the opposite, just as Casino Royale (John Huston and others, 1967) and Never Say Never Again (Irvin Kershner, 1983) are rejected in the canonical James Bond, franchise without strict continuity, because they are not funded by Eon Productions.

But only the elements of the story determine if a film is Bondian and, thus, its directors, relevant when reporting on its film adaptations, not its production circumstances; or if a ghostly story like La Llorona is integrated into the Warrenverso and its films are, therefore, eight today. As much as Michael Chaves and, perhaps, Peter Safran are reluctant to acknowledge it. If even Joseph Bishara composed the soundtrack as in five of the other seven occasions between The Conjuring and Forced by the demon! I want to find excuses to flee from reality …

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