the antifreeze must be purged once a year and thus ensure its proper functioning

Just as motor oil is the vital fluid of a car’s engine, the antifreeze or antifreeze it is necessary for the radiator to work perfectly.

Why drain the antifreeze?

All engine fluids must be changed from time to time, all car fluids lose their components and cease to function properly

For this reason, the antifreeze must be purged once a year, thus guaranteeing its proper operation and maintaining the proper engine temperature.

The antifreeze has scale and salts, if it is not purged or replaced it begins to accumulate scale and salts that obstruct the flow of the liquid in the joints and hoses. This will cause the engine to heat up and end up in more expensive composites.

Antifreeze functions?

Among its most important functions are preventing overheating, oxidation or corrosion and lubricating other elements that come into contact with the radiator, such as the water pump.

Antifreeze should not be confused with refrigerant, which has the same functions, does not prevent the liquid from freezing when exposed to very low temperatures. That is another function of antifreeze.

Unlike motor oil, antifreeze can be changed every two years, and preferably in the winter, but the manufacturer’s manual must have the exact answer.

Don’t forget to check the antifreeze level constantly. The antifreeze is checked very simply: you just have to see the liquid level in the radiator.

If they are “Full”, there is no need to fill it, but if it is below the indicated line, you must add “a mixture of water and refrigerant in a ratio of 60/40”, explains Total, an e- commerce in Chile dedicated to selling items for cars.


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