Why don’t you believe Hoffman?

It is a huge disgrace, if it happened, that a father sexually touched his own daughter when she was a minor, that seems disgusting to us, to say the least, but we also find it tremendous that the girl is being manipulated by her mother to disgrace the life of the father, if he is innocent.

This is what may be happening in the extremely complicated case of Alexa Parra, daughter of Héctor, of the same surname, and Ginny Hoffman. This serious accusation takes a long time, on the one hand, he assures, swears and perjures that he has no responsibility in the act, while the other party, Ginny, affirms and even upholds it.

On the one hand, one of the lawyers who was handling the case, seeing that there were no elements to continue the matter, preferred to leave it that way, since, clearly, there is no real evidence of the alleged violations. Alonso Beceiro, doctor in criminal law, made the decision not to continue because two psychological tests to Alexa showed that nothing had happened to her.

So why is Héctor Parra in jail? It is said that the deputy Sergio Mayer, who loves to appear in the media, is the one who has intervened to achieve this. Héctor’s lawyer will denounce him for influence peddling, but Mayer’s response is for him to denounce him, with an excess of arrogance already well known in this man. He has been at press conferences, at the time of filing complaints at the Prosecutor’s Office, to the extent that he had preferential access through another door and Daniela, Parra’s daughter, was not even allowed to enter. He has chaired the press conferences, he is the one who has threatened the media that if they continue to “ask stupid questions” he would cancel the conference, he is the one who, upon leaving the Prosecutor’s Office, intends to scold the media of communication for his participation, that is, apparently he is the one who moves the frying pan, in addition, his public relations office informs where and at what time Mayer is going to be interviewed.

The psychological tests and the witnesses confirm that there has been no type of sexual abuse, but a private expert report that they presented says that, based on that, they imprisoned Parra.

Unfortunately, the young woman is a victim, from the side that they like to see her, it may be because of her father, if he abused, or because of Ginny, if he is manipulating her into declaring that.

The public has realized that the intervention of this legislator has manipulated the balance and that is why people today simply do not believe Ginny Hoffman.

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