The couple formed by Luisita and Amelia, known to fans as Luimelia, in ‘Amar es para siempre’ could be about to go one step further in their relationship. They have recently met Isabel, a girl from Barcelona who came to Madrid to support the demonstration for the rights of homosexual people. Knowing her history has made Luisita question something.

Luisita and Amelia, in ‘Amar es para siempre’

Isabel has returned to Barcelona and the couple are sorry that this person they admire so much has left. « How brave … and she will continue fighting even if it is from the desk. And how brave to bring a son to the world, » said Amelia, to which his girlfriend added: « She is a flag woman. » « Lesbian, single, brings a person to the world and there is nothing and nobody to stop him from continuing to fight for his dreams, « the first one continued commenting.

While her partner spoke these words, Luisita stared at infinity, to later tell something that his mother once told him: « That dreamers make this world a better world », which led him to reflect: « Then I ask myself, why not? Why can’t we have everything? Why do we have to give up things because of how we are? »

Expand the family

Amelia was not following Luisita. He saw that something was trying to tell him, but he did not discover it. We didn’t give up anything, right? « He asked, making Luisita stop roundabout and be clearly spoken: « I mean why don’t we have children ». Amelia did not receive the proposal with much joy, as the proposal caught her by surprise. She is speechless, but we will have to wait to see what she responds to and if they are willing to expand the family.