Why don’t the main superhero companions appear in the DC Expanded Universe?

Superhero cinema is undoubtedly a genre that, although it has its great opponents, It has a huge audience that in turn translates into millionaire earnings for studies. For a few decades both Marvel and DC have focused on making interconnected universes, both in film and on television.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe looks impressive with its dozens of movies and with Phases scheduled years in advance. However, DC has also done the same, although in a different way and with varied results in its film releases. At this point it is worth asking ourselves: Why aren’t the main superhero companions featured in the DC tapes?. What’s more, none of the Robins have appeared in the movies, despite being the most famous of DC’s sidekicks.

We know well that DC has used its supporting characters in film and television adaptations. Suffice it to name 1997 Batman & Robin, although its reception was quite regular. Since then Robin has not appeared in the movies again, much less on the DC Extended Universe stage.

In the era of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, while Robin appeared in the last film before becoming a hero, the director’s vision addressed the beginnings of Batman himself and focused on other arcs.

The success of DC’s colleagues on TV


Although DC has not achieved the success and conglomerate of interconnected tapes like Marvel’s, the truth is that for many years he has successfully brought the story of his superheroes to the small screen. It is enough to see the alances of the Arrowverso and its expansion. Which, it is worth saying, is about to premiere Superman & Lois, the new series dedicated to one of the main superheroes of this publishing house

Companion superheroes like Supergirl and the Titans have triumphed on TV. The success of these shows has given rise to the DC titles. Entering another class of treatments, such as Ghotam or Pennyworth, the series focused on Alfred Pennyworth, the endearing butler and Batman’s accomplice.

The Snyder Cut as a watershed

Snyder Cut from Justice League

As we well know, the so-called Snyder Cut is coming soon to HBO Max, as well as other HBO and digital distribution platforms. It is the Justice League footage of Zack Snyder, who had to leave the project shortly before finishing it for a personal matter. The 2016 film signed by Joss Whedon has received infinite criticism and before the demands of the public it was that the studio announced the launch of this film of the main DC heroes.

It is believed that due to Snyder’s treatment of a deep and dark film, the companions were not considered for the feature film. If this was so or not, the truth is that no sidekick has had a solo movie, nor has there been news about the development of one.

Either way, DC’s main superheroes have a great challenge ahead of them, both because of the scope that their long-awaited Wonder Woman 1984 obtained. As for the crisis that without a doubt the cinema is going through.

For now, we can enjoy the best of this publishing house and its superheroes. Both on TV with its various titles, and in its upcoming releases. One of them, the aforementioned ‘Snyder Cut, which will be released on March 18, 2021. Also the next DC movies:

The Suicide Squad – August 6, 2021 The Batman – October 1, 2021 Black Adam – December 22, 2021 DC Super Pets – May 20, 2022 The Flash – June 3, 2022 Shazam! November 2 – 4, 2022 Aquaman December 2 – December 16, 2022

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