Why does your dog ride your leg or toys and how to get it to stop

Dog rides a stuffed animal in the living room at home. (Photo: RobertPetrovic via Getty Images / iStockphoto)

Having guests at home and that the dog does not stop giving “love” to a stuffed animal or that it gets on the leg of everyone who enters its territory is usually one of the most embarrassing reasons for pet owners.

Some try to distract you to stop, others scold you, and others decide to take it with humor. However, this apparently purely sexual gesture may have other connotations. The ethologist Mar Ibáñez, from Educanin, recalls that, although it is a “mainly hormonal or sexual” behavior, it can also have other “underlying causes”.

“Generally they begin to behave like this when they are puppies, with something more than a year, up to two years. Although there are dogs that continue to show it into adulthood ”, he explains to El HuffPost. Ibáñez makes it clear that, as a general rule, it is not a worrying behavior, but understands that it can cause discomfort or embarrassment among the owners.

The first thing he recommends is to try to find out what is behind this behavior and to be able to differentiate when it becomes “compulsive”.

“There are dogs that choose to assemble toys at home or with their own owners because they need to discharge some anxious energy that they do not know how to channel,” explains the expert. According to Animal Expert, this negative energy can be caused by negative experiences such as “the lack of walks, unwanted visits, a negative encounter with another dog and even an excessive fight”. In this way, they use “friction” as an “escape valve”.

Dog riding Trump toy.  (Photo: GIPHY)Dog riding Trump toy.  (Photo: GIPHY)

Dog riding Trump toy. (Photo: GIPHY)

báñez points out that in these cases the animal is usually nervous all the time, restless and has “other possessive and even aggressive behaviors”.

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