By Rodolfo León
05/20/2020 1:00 pm

Dragon ball is full of memorable characters, and one of them is undoubtedly the Master Roshi. This funny and powerful warrior managed to win the hearts of all fans thanks to the touch of comedy that he brought to the series. Whether in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super, sure you also got to see when the Master Roshi He bled from his nose every time he saw a pretty girl and here we are going to explain why this happened.

Despite the fact that most of the time was spent training Goku and KrillinBy practicing martial arts, or simply lounging on his island, there was a recurring factor in the character’s life: his love for erotic magazines. When the Master Roshi He got too excited, we could see a flow of blood shoot out of his nose, an image that was a little disturbing, but fun to watch.

In accordance with Derek Padula, author specialized in Dragon ball and book writer Dragon Ball CultureThis is the reason for the exaggerated bleeding from Roshi:

“Why does Roshi bleed her nose every time she sees an attractive woman? This is a resource used in the manga as a comic alternative to represent his erection. The incredible force of his stimulation raises his blood pressure to the point that it shoots out of his nose. ”

In Dragon Ball Super, unlike other warriors, Roshi he had to mentally prepare himself to face the fighters of the Tournament of Power, since he knew that if he didn’t, he would have a strong disadvantage in the battle against female opponents.

On related topics, the expected meeting between Goku and Bardock will finally take place in the anime of Super dragon ball heroes and here we tell you when you can see it. On the other hand, this couple celebrated their wedding anniversary with a charismatic cosplay from Bulma and Vegeta.

Source: Derek Padula

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